Terms and Conditions

Advance reservations required. All passengers first and last names required, no initials please, including children and non-paying infants.

Check-in Time:
ALL Passengers must check in 1 HOUR prior to departure time and must wear a face mask/covering. Please either print, show electronically (smart phone, tablet, etc.) Reservation or present I.D. in exchange for tickets. Ferry departs on schedule and does not wait for late passengers, boarding closes 10 minutes prior to departure time no exceptions.

You are allowed two (2) bags and one (1) carry on, no charge. IF YOU HAVE EXCESS BAGGAGE YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THE SHIPPING FORM AT THE HARBOR 1 HOUR PRIOR TO BOARDING. Excess bags, bicycles, dogs, surfboards over 7 feet long, sailboards (with bag and mast) and kayaks will be charged a fee.

Pier Locations:
Depart from the main loading pier at Lahaina Harbor on the island of Maui, across from the Pioneer Inn Hotel. (Lahaina Harbor is located off Front Street, behind the Banyan tree). Pick up your tickets at the Expeditions booth at Lahaina harbor main loading dock.

Depart from the Manele Harbor Ferry Terminal on the island of Lana`i. Pick up your tickets from the Expeditions ticket agent at the harbor.

Cancellation/Change Policy:
Reservation changes and/or cancellations must be made prior to reserved departure time, and MUST be done by calling 800-695-2624 or 808-661-3756. Web reservations CANNOT be changed/cancelled online. The full amount will be refunded to any reserved or ticketed passenger who provides notice of cancellation, at above phone number(s) at least 24 hours in advance of already reserved departure.

Inability to Sail:
In the event that the vessel is unable to sail due to weather, sea, emergency, mechanical breakdown or other unforeseen conditions, Carrier will attempt to notify Passengers and Shippers who have given telephone contact information at the time of booking of the inability to sail. Carrier also will attempt to notify Passengers and Shippers of the inability to sail at the Port of Origin.

When the Vessel’s inability to sail is due to reasons other than weather or sea conditions, Carrier may provide, at its sole discretion, a United States Coast Guard Certified substitute Vessel for all or portions of its sailing schedule as Carrier deems appropriate.

If a voyage is underway and the Carrier, through its Vessel Captain, determines that it is not advisable to complete the Voyage to the Port of Destination, the Vessel may return to the Port of Origin or may land at another port on the Island of the Port of Destination. If the Vessel returns to the Port of Origin, Passenger and Shipper may elect to travel on a later Voyage between the same ports on a space-available basis on that day or may elect to cancel the booking and receive a refund from Carrier, which refund will be mailed to Passenger or Shipper at a mailing address to be provided to Passenger or Shipper within thirty (30) days from the date of election. If the Vessel lands at another port on the island of the Port of Destination, Carrier shall arrange for land transportation of Passengers, Shippers and Parcels from the alternate port to the Port of Destination.


Lanai Ferry